Facets is a multi­disciplinary installation/ show that plays with time and scale to touch our collective vulnerability. The audience dives into a total experience immersed in video, visual art and performance. José is one of 8 performers who have been developing a performance “In The Open” with artist Sophie Amieva at happylucky no.1

     Giant masks come to life. The ink blurs, the paper crumbles and weakens. Stories becomes malleable. Creatures become physically malleable — they become monsters, or deities — for a moment — until they weaken again and disintegrate.

Conceived by Sophie Amieva.

Ensemble: Diego Canizares, Holly D'Atri, Wednesday Sue Derrico, Rebecca Kushner, Cecilia Leal, Nicolas Noreña, Matthew Phillips, José Rivera, Jr.

Installation: Katerina Marcelja

Video: Magin Schantz