LQQK, The Way I Look

LQQK, The Way I Look is my first ever Visual EP.

LQQK FÊTE happened on December 4th, 2018

A New Performance Series of New Music, Dance, Video, and Interdisciplinary Art.

Thank you to all who attended! Video and photos coming shortly!

It is my most ambitious work to date.

LQQK is my fantasy of queer future.

I explore my own gender, style, and identity.  It taps into how style, look, and music have helped me shed the stereotypes of masculinity – illusion of “fitting in” –  I was trying to conform to in my early years. LQQK  is a tale of coming out on multiple levels and becoming free as an artist and as an individual.

The entire project will encompass seven videos: four full original songs accompanied by three video art interludes with original instrumental music. Image by Tiye Rose Hood