LQQK is what queer future looks, sounds, and feels like -  glamorous, vulnerable, and present.

I perform four original singles, two interludes, and one cover track. Each single will have its own music video with dance and fashion I have created with my incredible team of collaborators. Come to LQQK and feel alright. I make you feel all tingly and warm enough to laugh, cry about loss, and find power in owning your body. The music is earnest and sexy - stuff you shout-sing along to in your mom’s car. Our sound is inspired by the intersection of noise and new music with pop vocals. SOPHIE, Tristan Perich, Meredith Monk, and Queen as references - I sing from my gut.

LQQK is my first solo visual extended play (EP).

What is an EP? An EP is halfway between a single and a full album. Think like, you’re walking through Costco and you’re hungry af and you see one of those stands with a little food cup and you eat like 6 of them...before you decide to buy the whole bag.

What is a visual EP? LQQK EP is like Beyoncé’s LEMONADE, but shorter and queerer. I mean the project is called LQQK - you know it’s gotta feature some fierce fashion! The content is about being in-between - a lqqk into my non-binary world, and hopefully it inspires a look into yours.

LQQK EP asks - "What would it be like to clone James Dean and have him acknowledge toxic masculinity first hand all to become a cute little butterfly?”

The footage - shot by Proteo Media - will start as a solo performance for camera in a blackbox theater....developing into a glitchful multiverse where all bodies dance, move, and create. Our campaign video (above) is a nice prototype of what you can expect the visuals to look like + so much more dance, narrative art, and true magic.