LQQK, The Way I Look

'LQQK, The Way I Look,' is a visual EP featuring 4 original songs and choreographies for everyone who has ever been in-between.

It’s for my Queerdos, and the bodies that never and will always fit in.   For the time I ordered a Lumee case on Amazon just to throw it out.  For the time Britney taught me how to do e-mails.  For my sisters before me and after me whose bodies are worth protecting. 

The work will be released in Winter 2019/20 on YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes Music, and major streaming platforms.  

LQQK is my fantasy of queer future.

I explore my own gender, style, and identity.  It taps into how style, look, and music have helped me shed the stereotypes of masculinity – illusion of “fitting in” –  I was trying to conform to in my early years. LQQK  is a tale of coming out on multiple levels and becoming free as an artist and as an individual.