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You may or may not know this, but in December of 2017 I was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes.   In a shocking turn of events my little pancreas had given up on me!

Since my diagnosis, I have changed my lifestyle drastically with the hardest part being my inability to consume sugary, delicious pastries without the frustration of uncontrollable blood sugars.

Meet my new best friend, Smart Baking Company

I've partnered with the organization (wild) so if you want to order them use my link and discount code which will get you 10% off any and all of your orders!!! 

Not only are their tiny cakes amazing (currently addicted to Cinnamon and Lemon), but they also make gluten, sugar, and starch free bread so.....VOILA I no longer have to bake my own bread in order to enjoy a peanut butter and jelly or cheeseburger without a bun. I can meal plan for the week OR I can just make a sandwich and toss a couple snacks in my bag.

Okay, they're

  • made to order

  • gluten free

  • sugar free


  • AFFORDABLE - my broke artist ass can pay for them!

    Worth every penny and I am so happy they exist.


DISCOUNT CODE 10% off any order - joseishere