Of Cake & Vanity

     A fairytale about a man whose wish to be anyone but himself becomes a fantastic reality when he is consumed by the beast he is so obsessed with – a sexy, sweaty, gay body.

     OF CAKE & VANITY follows Marshall, a 35 year old fat depressed nerd, and his wife Shelly, a loving, butch 50s housewife, to the end of their relationship as it metamorphizes to new dimensions. Love, lust, and technology meet via theater, music, fashion and performance art in an exploration of the homogenization of the gay body. A hybrid of Theater & Performance Art, this piece will consist of Dance created in collaboration with the Actors, Fashion, Original Music (Acoustic into EDM), and Live Video Art.

Presented at Dixon Place, HOT Festival! | T he P.I.T. NYC | Stoner Dance Studio, Tribeca, NYC

Conceived, Written, and Directed by José Rivera, Jr.

In collaboration with Kevin Alexander Gallo

Musical Soundscape by Will P. Johnson

Featuring: Andrew Chung, John Gutierrez, Rebecca Hidalgo, Paul Kim, Chris Rehmann, José Rivera Jr., and Lindsay Wolff

Choreographed by José and the Cast

Video Art by Ryan Grippi, Abi Laurel, Ieva Urbaite, José Rivera Jr., Austion Woolfolk, Shu Zhu